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Advantage Legal Group has a team of experienced legal and claims professionals to assist you in resolving your home, property, vehicle or personal injury medical insurance claims in Washington State.  Regardless of your type of claim, coverage, cause of loss, or personal circumstances, Advantage Legal Group can help.

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Homeowner’s, landlord/ tenant, commercial, vehicle, and personal injury medical coverage are a few examples of “first” and third party insurance coverage.  First party insurance is “your” insurance covering your property.  In Washington State, first party insurance carriers owe a duty of good faith.  There are a number of protective statutory and regulatory requirements that include, but are not limited to, providing a timely response to your communications, to complete their investigation within 30 days, and to promptly pay what they owe. 

If your claim has been unjustly denied, delayed, or under paid you have legal protection under the Washington state Insurance Fair Claims Practices Act (IFCA), and Unfair Claims Practices Act which together may provide for remedies which can include actual damages, mandatory legal fees and costs, and treble damages.

Likewise, you have a good faith requirement to cooperate with your insurance company.  Failure to do so could adversely affect your claim and could even result in a denial of your entire claim.  To that end, the insurance company has a contractual right to investigate you and every aspect of your claim. They can search for any exaggeration, inflation, or fabrication of any aspect of the claim to limit or deny coverage.  They can also conduct an extensive examination under oath and dig into all aspects of your personal affairs and finances.

Advantage Legal Group’s team of experienced legal and claims professionals can assist in guiding you through this potentially dangerous insurance company minefield to help assure that your claims are fairly, completely, and expeditiously paid.

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1. Fill Out our "Schedule a FREE Consultation" Form or call 425-452-9797

2. One of our experienced Washington State insurance claims attorneys will contact you to discuss your insurance claim and review your options.

3. If we agree to take on your case our team of independent insurance claims adjusters and contractors will evaluate the damage to your home, property, vehicle or personal injury and work up an accurate estimate to submit to your insurance company.

4. Our Legal Team will negotiate a settlement with your insurance company to get your insurance claim paid as soon as possible.

The advantage of working with our team of experienced attorneys, contractors and independent insurance claim adjusters is that we have your best interest in mind and our primary goal is to get your home, property, vehicle or medical insurance claim paid accurately and quickly.

If you are having challenges getting the amount of money from your insurance company to properly repair your home from damage due to water or a house fire we may be able to help. 

It costs nothing to inquire as we offer a FREE Consultation to evaluate your home, property, vehicle or medical insurance claim dispute. Call us at 425-452-9797 to schedule a legal consultation with one of our experienced Washington State Licensed insurance claim attorneys.

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Our Attorneys, contraSeattle Washington Northwestctors and independent insurance claims adjusters are licensed in Washington State - We can help you if you have fire or water damage to your home or property, have been involved in an auto accident, have a personal injury claim and are having difficulty getting your insurance claim paid by your  insurance company and you live in Washington State including:

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